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Nirahua gives five hits in a row

Jubilee star of Bhojpuri Cinema Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua is flying high in popularity and praise by viewers as well as producers of Bhojpuri Cinema. Nirahua has given five hits in a row this year and this is a record by any Bhojpuri Star. His latest film to be added to this list is Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel which has proved itself and running successfully in the theatres of Bihar and Jharkhand.

The list of hit films started with Pratigya whic was released in January this year. Next was Ho Gayni Deewana Tohare Pyar Me which was released around Holi. Third hit film of Nirahua this year was Deewana. This film reached new heights of success. Then Chalani Ke Chalal Dulha was the fourth film in this list, though Nirahua is in special appearance in this film. Now rem Ke Rog Bhayeel has added another feather in Nirahua's cap of success.

Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel is the first film produced by the home production company of Nirahua. Nirahua started with his singing then entered Bhojpuri Cinema as an singing star and now is an established crowd puller of Bhojpuri Cinema. His next film is going to be Parivaar, produced by Abhay Sinha. Hope that will be the sixer of the series!


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